WW – Mud Flood

Game day!  But it rained. A lot. So our once dry and warm sands became covered in cold lakes, small rivers, and overall mud.  Add in 20 mph wind gusts, and you get some sub-par conditions for ultimate.  With the occasional drizzle, it also made photography impossible.  For most of the day, my camera was tucked away nicely in a double wrapped plastic bag in my duffel bag.  But I managed to get some shots of the game, although I wasn’t able to fully capture how much splashing happened when you have eight people running and jumping through puddles.


But the hour breaks between games was the time to recuperate.  For some it meant sitting and sleeping.  And for others, Ninja.


We’d finish the day 2-2 around 7 pm, in happy spirits and uninjured.  Pizza would follow, and then a small excursion on the boardwalk later that night.

Wildwood Master Guide

  1. Watch the Tram Car Please!
  2. A Silent Sunrise
  3. Spikeball!
  4. Mud Flood
  5. Saturday Night Lights
  6. Sun Dazed Sunday

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